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Dance Events Are Our Specialty
Carol Lanzillo is a professionally certified ballroom dance instructor who has been teaching ballroom dancing for more than fifteen years. She is extremely passionate about dancing, teaching others to learn dance, and seeing firsthand, the impact that dance has on people's lives. 

Carol has taught, performed and competed both on a professional and pro-amateur level. She brings a wealth of experience to her teaching and dances socially on a regular
 basis. Whether to teach team-building skills through dance by partnering management teams and groups or utilizing dance troups to entertain a large number of attendees at an expo/trade-show, Carol has a niche for integrating her dance acumen into her events.

Carol recently filmed a scene as a ballroom dancer for an upcoming, David O'Russel movie titled 'American Hustle', and has performed live, on stage, for Dancing With the Stars World Tour Shows. Carol was also featured as a local celebrity performer in a fundraising performance for Fields Corner Mainstreet, Boston, MA.

Carol is well known in the New England area for assembling fundraising dance events.  See her portfolio of dance events hosted by Groovin Events.